Heide Hermary Memorial Bursary

About the Bursary

The Heide Hermary Memorial Bursary covers tuition for one eligible student per term to take either the Organic Master Gardener or Organic Horticulture Specialist course.

The bursary was established to honour the work and legacy of Heide Hermary who was Gaia College’s co-founder. Heide’s holistic teachings in organic horticulture continue to inspire and educate landscape professionals and home gardeners worldwide through her books, projects and Gaia College courses. 

The aim is to help applicants who have a passion to be part of a movement towards regenerating our soils and optimizing the overall health of our land and demonstrate financial need to access education. 


To be eligible for the Heide Hermary Memorial Bursary you must demonstrate:

  • Financial need
  • Intention for how course knowledge will be applied

How to Apply

  • Email your application as a pdf attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In the letter, please include your name, email address and answer the following question (in 500 - 750 words): If you are chosen as the recipient of the Heide Hermary Memorial Bursary, how will this help you or your community? Please only submit one application per term.

  • Upon emailing your application, you approve that your name will be published on our website and our eNewsletter if you are chosen as the recipient of the Heide Hermary Memorial Bursary.

Deadlines to Apply

  • Spring/Summer Semester: Deadline April 15 
  • Fall Semester: Deadline Aug. 15
  • Winter Semester: Deadline Dec. 15

Please Note

  • Gaia College will grant one bursary per term to cover the tuition fee for Organic Master Gardener (also offered as the Organic Horticulture Specialist) online course.
  • The qualifying applicant chosen by the Gaia College Bursary Committee will be notified via email. 
  • This bursary is non-transferrable. 

To learn more about the work of Heide Hermary:

Past Bursary Awards

Names of those who have accepted the bursary will be listed here after the term starts:

2021 Spring/Summer: Sarah Gibson

2021 Fall: Destyne Star Clause-Roe 

2022 Winter: Tavia Sivan

2022 Spring/Summer: Brittany Kelly

2022 Fall: Matthew James

2023 Winter: Heather Anderson

2023 Spring/Summer: Andrea Dam

2023 Fall: Sarah Dohan

2024 Winter: Elizabeth Boyd

2024 Spring: Katrina La Belle