Learn to work with nature to hone your land care skills, start a new career and join the movement to cultivate greener communities!

Since 2003, people around the world have learned to design, install and maintain landscapes, promoting and preserving the health of the environment through Gaia College’s Organic Land Care curriculum.

Work towards a Diploma in Organic Land Care within our two Diploma streams: Ecological Landscape Design or Living Green Infrastructure or take individual courses.

Our asynchronous courses let you work online with a flexible schedule while making meaningful connections with your peers. Courses start in January, May and September and run for 14 weeks. All graduates are welcomed into the Gaia College community with lifetime access to resources and online forums. 

Gaia College is certified by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). We also provide Continuing Education opportunities for many professional associations. For the full list of our partnership organizations click here.

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