Business Skills for Land Care Professionals

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Course Overview


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Are you starting your own landscaping business? Starting a new business is an exciting and challenging endeavour! Learn what you need to know to build your business successfully. 
Gain knowledge and skills to plan and manage your business. Develop business and marketing plans for your business with guidance from your instructor.
This course goes well beyond information found in textbooks and on the web. It provides practical solutions to common business challenges.
While it is addressed to small business owners in the ornamental land care and farming sectors, this course is equally applicable to all other types of small businesses. 

Topics discussed are:

  • Choosing the appropriate legal entity for your business
  • Being aware of and working within legal parameters governing your business
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of different business financing options
  • Developing strategies to increase sales, profitability and cash flow
  • Using information presented in financial reports and financial ratios to make informed business management decisions
  • Managing risk
  • Preparing estimates and budgets
  • Hiring and retaining a competent workforce
  • Developing a business strategy, business plan and operational plan for your startup or current business

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone contemplating going into business for themselves
  • Small business owners feeling overwhelmed by rules and regulations they need to learn more about
  • Small business owners without a formal business plan.
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Business Skills for Land Care Professionals Online

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