Who Should Consider a Diploma in Organic Land Care

We have had students from all over the world, from a wide variety of climates, and all sorts of professional backgrounds. If you want to learn how to better care for the environment, this is a great place to start. 

Whether you are someone ready for a career change, a landscape architect looking to maintain your certification with continuing education credits, a home gardener interested in learning about sustainable and organic horticulture practices for personal interest, a small food grower or market gardener, or someone who is working at the municipal level, our courses can help you achieve your goals. 

Municipalities and Developers 

Developers and municipalities save money by eliminating expensive chemicals in applying Organic Land Care practices; reaping benefits beyond the sustainability of their green spaces.

Landscape Professionals

Landscape professionals using Organic Land Care skills to create the naturally sustainable green spaces of the future gain a competitive edge.

Student Testimonial

"I have found the courses at Gaia College to be relevant and leading edge in ecological design. Whether it is in person or online, they facilitate ongoing connection between environmentally conscious students and teachers that has been helpful for educational and occupational opportunities."

Laura Walker

Small Food Growers

Small food growers will learn to use and benefit from organic practices by extending the growing season and growing a diversity of food. 

Student Testimonial

"I have been gardening organically (meaning no restricted pesticides) for 25 years (10 years on Gabriola) and now I have the language, science and tools to confirm what I knew all along intuitively. I'm so excited to apply this course to my market garden at home and do an even better job at growing food through sustainable and ethical methods."

Tara Qua, Gabriola Island

Home Gardeners

Learn how to create and sustain green spaces that are lush and beautiful year after year while improving soil health and garden biodiversity.

Student Testimonial

"I really enjoyed the course and all the hands on experience. I found it inspiring and it has helped encourage healthy changes in our landscapes and in my own back yard. It was truly a great environment for the group to share problems and come up with organic solutions for everyday issues with our businesses and residences. It allowed a renewed confidence in the process and educational information that I can pass along to those around me, co-workers, associates, family and friends."

Lynette Twigge

Current job titles used in the labour market

Organic Gardener, Organic Landscaper, Organic Landscape Maintenance Worker,  Organic Plant Grower, Organic Market Gardener / Farmer, Organic Landscape Designer, Rainwater Harvest Consultant, Organic Gardening Educator, Organic Turf Specialist, Organic Soils Consultant, Living Soils Consultant, Organic Garden Consultant, Organic Garden Designer, Organic Master Gardener, Organic Land Care Practitioner, Organic Land Care Professional, Permaculture Designer, Permaculture Consultant, Edible Garden Designer, Edible Landscape Designer, Ecological Landscaper, Ecological Landscape Designer, among others.

Organizations that Recognize our Courses

For a list of professional organizations that recognize Gaia College courses please see: Continuing Education Credits to learn more.

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