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Organic land care (OLC) is how we design, install and maintain landscapes to promote and preserve the health of the environment. OLC includes alternatives to the pesticides and fertilizers that endanger our health. The goal is to use just what Nature gave us – no chemicals! OLC creates green spaces that thrive year after year; resilient to pests, weeds, and drought. It’s about Healthy SOILS, Healthy PLANTS, Healthy ECOSYSTEMS.

You can help the environment by applying OLC practices on your land. There is an urgent need: ecosystems everywhere are struggling and all positive action big or small helps. Share your own results with your community; inspiring more people to follow.

Landscape professionals using OLC skills to create the naturally sustainable green spaces of the future gain a competitive edge.

Developers and municipalities save money by eliminating expensive chemicals in applying OLC practices; reaping benefits beyond the sustainability of their green spaces.

Gaia College is a world leader in teaching organic land care (Gaia means “Goddess of the Earth” in Greek lore), with a proven curriculum since 2003.

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