Organic Land Care is a holistic approach to the design, installation and maintenance of landscapes. Organic Land Care supports environmental health rather than treating symptoms of environmental distress. We learn to work within existing environmental systems to achieve beautiful and resilient landscapes that are not dependent on continuous chemical inputs and damaging cultural practices. 

What you can do 

You can help by using Organic Land Care principles when working with the land. There is an urgent need; ecosystems everywhere are changing and all supportive positive action helps. Share your results with your community and inspire more people to join us. 

In the video below one of our students, Arlene Hazzan Green of BUFCO, tells why she chooses to practice Organic Land Care.


Learn How with Gaia College 

Gaia College is a world leader in teaching Organic Land Care and has been working to transform horticulture education since 2003. Our courses integrate essential knowledge of ecology, permaculture and organic gardening to build a solid foundation for yourself, for others, and for greater environmental benefit.

Student Testimonial

"The Organic Land Care diploma program has transformed my understanding of horticulture, ecosystems and what we need to do to take care of our planet to secure a future for humanity.  I began by taking just the Organic Master Gardener course because I wanted to grow better flowers without using chemicals and pesticides. After completing the first course, I was even more inspired to take others and then decided that I wanted to earn the diploma. Having now just completed it, I next want to continue my involvement and learning by becoming SOUL accredited and obtaining full-time employment in the field of organic land care or landscape design. If we are going to move forward sustainably and make sound ecological and land-use choices, we have to - in the words of founder Heide Hermary - "do things differently". Thank-you, Gaia College, for opening my eyes to the kind of relationships humanity needs to develop with Nature." 

- Laurie Smith, August 2021

Organic Land Care Standards and Qualifications

The Canadian Society for Organic Urban Land Care (SOUL) has developed and maintains the Organic Land Care Standard for Canada. This standard is freely available from the SOUL website for use as a landcare reference guide. 

SOUL offers the following qualifications:
SOUL Accredited Organic Land Care Practitioner
SOUL Certified Organic Land Care Professional

For more information about SOUL please visit their website at organiclandcare.ca

Either the Gaia College Organic Master Gardener course or the Organic Horticulture Specialist course prepare people for the Accredited Land Care Practitioner exam.

The Diploma in Organic Land Care meets the advanced education requirement for the SOUL Certified Organic Land Care Professional 

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