Online Programs

No matter where you live, you can now participate in our cutting-edge educational programs! All you need is high-speed internet access, and the discipline to study online.

For over a decade Gaia College has been working to transform horticulture education. Our courses integrate essential knowledge of ecology, permaculture and organic gardening to build a solid foundation for employment, self-employment, or simply greater personal enjoyment.

Each year our online course offering expands and becomes more exciting, building on previous courses and student requests for more detail in some areas.

Those wishing to pursue the Diploma in Organic Land Care can combine online courses with classroom courses, regardless of where they are offered. It has never been easier to gain such comprehensive education in organic gardening.

The Diploma in Organic Land Care is a prerequisite for the new Advanced Diploma in Urban Permaculture. However, if you are not interested in the entire diploma and just want to take individual courses of interest to you, by all means, go ahead.  Some courses may have their their own prerequisites, please check.