I want to send my thanks to each of you - I learned so much from all the stories and information you shared. I absolutely enjoyed the Growing Food course, and my 2014 garden is proof of the great education I received.
Deanna Enman

I am working hard this week, fermenting, canning, drying and freezing. I am thrilled to have found Gaia College and to have been connected to Haliburton Farms and especially to have Elmarie as a teacher. I will certainly share the program with friends and family who might be interested in taking the course for themselves.
Kami Malone

I just wanted to share some pics of my garden this year. After taking my gardening course in the spring, I did everything I could to bring "life" back into my soil and this is what I got. The potatoes were left over from last year - they did not grow bigger than a small plum last year. I am so impressed and grateful for this new found knowledge. What is most amazing is that - what I added to my garden was all organic and really easy to get item that were not purchased at any store.

Love, Nancy

I have been gardening organically (meaning no restricted pesticides) for 25 years (10 years on Gabriola) and now I have the language, science and tools to confirm what I knew all along intuitively. I'm so excited to apply this course to my market garden at home and do an even better job at growing food through sustainable and ethical methods.

Tara Qua, Gabriola Island