Q. Do studies at Dalhousie fulfill the prerequisites for these courses?
A. Courses done at other institutions (not Gaia College curriculum) are not accepted to count for a prerequisite course.

Q: Can I use RESPs at Gaia College?
A: Yes, Gaia College is on the Certified Educational Institutional list for RESP eligibility. You can find the list here or contact them by phone at 1-800-267-3100.

Q: Are your fees Canadian dollars?
A: Yes, all our fees are listed in Canadian dollars.

Q: What payment options do you accept?
A: We accept Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cheque, or Money Orders


Q: Are your courses tax deductible? Do you issue a T2202A?
A: We issue a T2202A for tuition paid directly to Gaia College. Students that register with another education partner need to contact that education partner.

Q: When do you send out T2202As?
A: We send T2202As by email when the course enrolment deadline has passed, usually 3 weeks after the course has started. Please check the junk folder in your email account, if you cannot find it in your inbox. Please make sure your email address is up to date in your account.



Q: Can I access the online resources even after I finished the course?
A: Yes, you will have access indefinitely to the resources of this course. Once the course is closed, you will get transferred into the Alumni course where all the resources are made available. This may take some time...please be patient.

Q: I've downloaded Google Chrome but I'm having trouble installing it on Windows 10, can you help?
A: Follow this link (or copy and paste this link information into your browser window) [https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/6315198?hl=en] for instructions on installing Google Chrome from the download.

Q: Though I am logged in...it will not allow me to access the online course
A: Please try this first: Log out of our website and then log in again.

Q: I am registered, but I can't get into my course. Is there a problem?
A: You will be able to access your course on the course start date and possibly a few days before. The first day is about introductions and getting to know the system. You will have time to get aquainted.

* In General:

Studying on-line is very different from learning in a face-to-face classroom setting. It may be more convenient – or for some it may be the only way they can take our courses - but it is definitely not easier.

The University of Illinois has provided some excellent pre-assessment information for potential on-line students.
Please complete the online Self Evaluation before you decide to take one of our courses: 

And please read the article entitled
'What Makes A Successful Online Student?' 

* By the day...

Q: Is it a problem if a lesson cannot be completed in the specified week?
A: There are no scheduled times for the course work. Students are expected to complete their allotted work at their own convenience during each week. If you are not available during the week, discuss it with your instructor and they will guide you in how to work ahead or catch-up.

* By the week...

Q: How much time each week should I commit to a course?
A: We recommend 6-10 hours per week for most of our courses, please check the studying online tab for the specific course you are interested in.

* By the Diploma...

Q: Is there a timeline on how long I would need to complete the other courses in order to obtain the diploma as well?
A: No, there isn't a timeline for completing the diploma.