Systems Thinking for Environmental Professionals Online

Course Overview


In our urban environments we are experiencing many unintended consequences of previous land use management practices. In part, this arises due to the complex nonlinear relationships of natural systems. We need new tools to effectively integrate our existing knowledge and experience. Systems thinking facilitates a holistic decision making process.

At Gaia College we use a systems thinking perspective throughout our curriculum, to introduce students to the network of relationships that come into play, whether it be organic horticulture or living green infrastructure. Through the application of systems thinking methodology and tools in analyzing specific situations, the underlying biological and environmental relationships are revealed. In turn, this expands awareness of our connections to and within the environment and how they can be accounted for in our decisions. This awareness increases capacity to achieve land use objectives and supporting a healthy environment while minimizing unintended consequences and identifying them when they arise. Systems Thinking for Environmental Professionals - Online gives environmental managers and decision makers powerful new analytical and problem solving abilities.