Duplicate certificate fee

URL for fee for a duplicate certificate


Course Retake Process

Click here for Retake registration link.

Course Retake Process

Student must communicate wishes to administrator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Administrator will send student course retake link and ask that student record desired course in notes section

Student will pay administrative fee. If it has been decided that the fee will be waived, student should select ‘e-transfer’ as payment method and it will be confirmed by Administrator

Administrator will find original order number and change SKU and course details accordingly. This will withdraw student from current course and enrol them in the future course

RRU students are able to retake courses following the method outlined above. Administrator should communicate with RRU so student is given enrolment information for subsequent semester. Student will not be named on RRU contract a second time. 

Retakes can be tracked via database search using RETAKE as SKU

Deferral Registration

Click here for deferral registration link.

Deferral - Hardship - Procedure  ONLINE courses


What is considered not a hardship: computer breakdowns, accepting more work, changing work and therefore less time to do the course, too busy,


Objective: to give students an option of continuing a course into the next (as of Oct 2017 - discussion w/ Michael) semester due to extenuating circumstances in their life.

Extenuating circumstances examples: death in family, sudden illness with longtime recovery, house fire, last course in obtaining diploma with excellent previous student record and having work and family commitments encroaching on study time, having a difficult trimester during pregnancy


Student initiates the first contact to their instructor to get support from them.  If they cannot find a way together to have the student complete the course within the semester, then a deferral can be offered.

The student will email the administrator, requesting a deferral.

The Administrator needs to check if the student is an EP student or not.  If yes, advise the student to contact their EP institution.

If the student is a GC student, please proceed.

The administrator gets the support from the instructor - that the student has shown to be a good worker (for lack of better words here).


Sample email to instructor:

I am contemplating to offer her a deferral for the course, which means she can redo the same course into the next semester - if enrolment warrants for a small fee, rather than pay the full enrolment fee again.


I need to know from you if she was an outstanding student until the middle of March - when she started to fall back in her studies.  I don’t think an extension of the current course would be advisable, seeing how far behind she is and asking you if you would be ok with facilitating beyond the course’s official end.


Please let me know what you think.




The administrator emails the student the deferral link including instructions.

These instructions need to contain a memo in regards to from which course the student wants to defer from and into which semester the student wants to continue with the same course. Generally GC will offer the option to continue with the course into the next semester the course is offered, (but it is possible, if the student has conflicting interests, to ask for a deferral into the semester thereafter - this needs to be checked first with Michael if we can offer this option in the first place Oct 2017).

Sample email:

Gaia College offers you a deferral from your current course <name of current course> into <name of next semester course>.

A deferral is a way of transferring your enrolment of one course from this semester to the same course into the next semester after the registration deadline has passed. It is usually granted only once per course and only under extenuating circumstances.  

The cost is $150 per course.

Once Gaia College received your deferral payment, you will be un-enrolled from the current online course.

A deferral into a new course will treat you as a new student to the course, no previously submitted work will be transferred over.

The next semester starting date is <date >, upon which you will gain access to your new online course.

Make sure you are logged in on Gaia College’s website first before you proceed.


Here is the deferral link:




Please write in the note box: deferral from <code of current course> into <code of next semester's course>  course, please.  

Looking forward to your reply.


The student pays the deferral fee.

Sometimes, the student will have trouble accessing the correct page.  Here are some troubleshooting ideas:


Have you logged onto the Gaia College website first and then activated the link?

What browser are you using? Our systems works best with Google Chrome and Firefox.


The administrator will enrol the student manually in VirtueMart under Orders (menu):


Sometimes, the student wants to pay the deferral order via mail in cheque.  Adjust this VM deferral order to ‘Confirmed’ and with appropriate notes.



Find the VM Product Order that needs to be changed,


Start in the upper right under ‘Update Status’ enter a note with the deferral fee order number (to be found under deferral order in VM), date and initial,  one can also add the  new course code into the notes. Change the status to “Confirmed”.


In the Comment box, uncheck the ‘Notify Shopper?’ and “Include Comment”.  Click Save. (this will email you the new confirmation email, but not to the shopper yet)


Scroll down to the course order and change to the new course (the course the student wants to defer into) by clicking on ‘edit’.  (this will apply also to OEA customers as well aka: Lauren Bailey)

Click Save.


We used to use the ‘Deferral’ option here and added the new course on the order but this has been changed to above procedure. Aug 16, 2017 ah


The student will receive a confirmation email from VirtueMart with the changes.

In the Moodle: The administrator has to unenroll the student from current course in Moodle - the VM deferral will only block the student from entering the course but not unenroll him/her (the same applies for cancellations).


The administrator will confirm with an email to the student, that access to the old course has been closed, all access to the new course will happen once the new course starts. The student has to access the new course by simply logging in.  The instructor needs to be cc’d on this email.

Sample email:

I have received your payment for the deferral and enrolled you into the new course.  You should have a new confirmation email pertaining to this in your inbox folder as well.  Thank you very much. You will notice that your access to the current course is closed.

You will gain access to your new course on January 9, 2017.  Just log in and find your course link in the ‘My Courses’ box in the Online Campus.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Compensation for instructors:

Once student gets deferred - the instructor still gets paid for the current course enrolment?

According to contracts, for all online GC classes, the instructor gets paid again for a deferral in the new semester for the same student.

Exception: Ken Nentwig’s classes RWM and SKP: deferrals will not get paid again in the new semester, since Ken’s compensation per student exceeds the deferral fee and GC would not earn any money, rather pay out of pocket.


Change student info in Invoice Info google docs if this student is an EP online/ classroom student.


Change info in Enrolment number sheet in google docs


EP students:  We cannot offer them a deferral (except RRU for online students), they need to go through their institution first.


RRU online students deferral:

RRU contacts: Rebecca and Tim

This is what the best practice summary would look like:


Student contacts/emails GC first for deferral. If student’s request was forwarded to GC via RRU, we ask student to email us directly with request.

If granted by GC, RRU will get contacted by GC that deferral request was made and granted - see below

GC initiates deferral process with student

Once student has paid the deferral fee to GC, RRU gets contacted : Rebecca and Tim

RRU defers student to appropriate course/semester

GC un-enrols student from the current online course.

GC defers student to appropriate course/semester.

Invoicing/Billing: RRU defers student to appropriate course/semester

GC will get updated class list from RRU for current and next course’s offering (once registration is closed)

GC invoices RRU next course’s offering for deferred student. Invoice gets emailed to Rebecca.

See email from Rebecca Oct 27, 2016


Sample email to RRU:

Hi Rebecca,

Hi Tim


RRU online student Lauren Bailey has paid her deferral fee today and consequently deferred into the Growing Food 1 - Online - January 2017 course.  


She only could commit to the Winter 2017 semester and therefore, we had to offer her another alternative, since our Ecological Plant Knowledge course 1 and 2 run only in the Spring and Fall semester.


Please transfer her enrolment in your system (see email Oct 27, 2016) and send us a revised class list GLH0062(Sept start).




Nov 1, 2016 ah, Nov 21, 2016, ah


EP Liaison Astrid/Ann: updated Nov 2017, ah

Ann is liaison to RRU:

Deferral would be initiated via RRU. in regards to students concern, need to wait until Astrid replies to my email.


From M, Nov 10, 2016:

RRU has asked us to administer deferrals for online students for them. Consequently Ann will process the request and inform you. Questions?


Nov 10, 2016 ah




Make sure that the student won’t get a new T220A send out.  S/He received one for the initial enrolment.

Ah, Nov 23, 2016

Pull up all deferrals via a list to check current enrolments against.

Ah, Dec 5, 2016



Deferral - Hardship - Procedure  CLASSROOM courses


For EP students:

….to cover our expenses and streamlining the process in the future, we consider a classroom deferral as a new enrolment - a license fee of up to $250 per enrolment (new student or deferral) would apply.

Email Nov 18, 2016


See also google docs:

Refund and deferral policy - Burnaby

Refund and deferral policy - RRU 


Click here for deferral registration link.

Instructor Registration

Click here for instructor registration.


Instructor Applications Nov 2016


All instructors/facilitators need to be registered as instructors via the above link. Registration will give them access to the Instructor's Lounge.

For COG - classroom:

If Astrid recommends an instructor and s/he has successfully completed the OMG course, we (GC admin) are fine with the instructor.


For GC - classroom:

Usually we get an inquiry by an interested party or we seek them out to teach. The candidate has to have successfully completed the OMG course before teaching a classroom course. Depending on their bio, adult education experience is an asset and having worked in the organic sector growing food/plants would be ideal.  If another course than OMG is being taught, the future instructor should have successfully completed that course too before teaching it.

Exception: GF course - if candidate has enough experience in teaching and growing food, and the OMG certificate, we usually approve them for the position.  Not sure if Astrid needs to vet the candidate here too (Astrid did it for Janette Haase)


For GC - online:

See above GC classroom for info.  They also need to take our ‘Art of Online Education’ course or have similar experience for them to do online facilitation.


In the Moodle:

If two or more instructors are teaching a course, we need to have one as a head instructor (this one can edit) and the other(s) as non-editing instructor(s). This way we can follow who did what if a problem arises.

Exception: Astrid and Ken co-teach and are assigned as instructors in the same course.

We need their bio and a pic for an update on our website under “Instructors”.


Policies on Instructor registrations


Email/Username April 2016, Sept 2016

Instructors can register under their student email and username.

They usually do not enrol as student and instructor in the same course.

Only administrators are requested to sign in with different email and usernames, for if they need to leave the position as an admin, they still keep their student info intact.


Due to my mis-understanding of this policy I registered following instructors the wrong way:

Bev Wagar, Colin (Guelph 2016 OMG course)

Chris Lambden in VM he is signed in under one address for all courses and instructor access and in moodle under another email address for all courses.

Jan 2016: based on AOFL course: if instructors request their own instructor email, they will go via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Julia or Phil set up their address, and cc GC on it. Admin will send the instructor the instructor registration URL to sign up. ah 

New non-editing instructors April 2016

If no previous precedence exist with our EPs, a new non-editing instructor for one or two lessons in one course can only be registered once we have the final approval from the EP’s admin.  


EP’s that we have to ask for approval:

Langara - Langara has canceled our contract and is not offering our courses anymore.

RRU - asked Elmarie to cc Rebecca and Zoe MacLeod on new instructor requests as well.


GC admin Sept 2016

Should have their own @gaiacollege email address and not use a private email address.



Complimentary Course Enrolment

Click here for complimentary course enrolment.

Complimentary Course Enrolment

On the GC website: On the cart page, in the notes: write up the name of approved student, course code, date of approval and who authorized it.

In VM: We keep it as a pending purchase order until we have confirmation that the order has been filled. In the comment box under 'Update Status', enter when the enrolment instructions email had been sent out to the student. Next, enter date when to follow up on student enrolment order placement (yes/no).  Enter this note into the admin person's calendar too. Initial entry.

Email enrolment instructions to the student, cc Michael Hermary:  

Subject: Complimentary Course Enrolment invitation

Dear (name of student),

You have been selected for a Gaia College complimentary course enrolment for the (name of course, including month, year).  

Please enroll into the selected course by choosing 'Cheque or Money Order' as payment option and write into the notes: Complimentary Course Enrolment. Confirm your order.  

You will receive two emails in short order. The first email will show your enrolment status as pending.  The second email will show your enrolment status as confirmed.

Note: Log in before you proceed.  If you are a New Gaia College student, follow these instructions first (Step 1a only), before proceeding with your complimentary course enrolment.  Please email me if you have further questions.  

Wishing you success in your course, 

(your name).


Once the student has filled the order, we go manually into the student's purchase order and set all the $ amounts to zero.  We write into comments under 'Update Status': This enrolment is a complimentary course enrolment according to order # (write in the CCE order number for cross referencing).  Make sure the student will receive this enrolment confirmation email by keeping the 'Notify Shopper' box under the 'Update Status' selected. Admin will get this confirmation email automatically. Forward this enrolment confirmation email to bookkeeper, thereby authorizing the CCE.

Then we go back to the CCE purchase order that has been kept pending under CCE and set it to ‘confirmed’. Here we write into the comment section under 'Update Status':This complimentary course enrolment has been used by order # (write in the student order# for cross referencing).

Dec 2016, ah

Common Emails to Send

Here are some examples of emails I commonly send to students for various reasons, generally centred around registration/enrolment issues. There is some duplication in here, but choose which one looks best for your purposes.

If a student forgets how to login

Example 1

Hi Arlene,

No worries. We'll figure it out. The following should work. If not, let me know where you run into issues:

1. Go to http://www.gaiacollege.ca
2. Click 'Login/out' at the top of the page
3. If not already logged in, enter your username and password and login
4. Click 'Online Campus' at the top of the page

This is the procedure to use every time.


Example 2

Hi Thierry,

No worries. This will work:

1. Go to http://www.gaiacollege.ca and click 'Login/out' at the top of the page.
2. There are 2 boxes where you can enter your username (thierryv) and your password (chocolate). Then click the login button just below there.
3. Then click 'Online Campus' at the top of the page. Your course will be there for you now, since I just logged in and entered your enrolment key for you.


If an older student emails about getting into the new system

Example 1

Hi Stephen,

Yes, we've updated the system. You actually get access to many more cool resources now, in addition to the online text. Here is how to register in the new system:

1. Go to http://www.gaiacollege.ca and click 'Login/out' at the top of the page.
2. Under where you would enter your username and password, there is a link that says 'Register'. Click on that to register. There is also a link a bit lower that says 'Registration Instructions' and that will tell you how to register. Note that you are considered a new student for the purpose of this registration.
3. At the end of the process, you will go over into the Online Campus, find your class 'Organic Land Care - Working With Nature', and enter the enrolment key below (all caps):


Once inside the classroom, there is a link that says Campus Community Centre and the Online Text is in there.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Example 2

Hi Ulla,

We have changed the format of the website since you were a student. We have just recently created an incredible Alumni Course that is available only to past students. In addition to the Online Text, it gives you access to our Resource Library (with resources from classroom courses), Plant Database, Heide's blog, the Campus Community Centre (with daily video/audio), and an Alumni discussion forum.

It's brand new, so we haven't transitioned many students into it yet, but it's up and running. To subscribe for $25 for the year, go to the website below, add the alumni course to your cart, and proceed with payment. Be sure to create a username and password, as you'll need this to login. After your payment is complete, you can click 'Login/out' at the very top of the page and login. Then, click 'Online Campus' at the top of the page and you should be automatically enrolled in the course.


Feel free to contact me with any questions.


If an instructor is inquiring about how to register

Hi Gwen,

We'll get you set up no problem. We have a totally new system now, so you'll need to following the instructions at the link below to register. Follow the instructions as if you are a new student:


At the end of the process, you'll need an enrolment key for the Stony Plain OMG 2009 course. You only need this the first time you go in. Your key is (all caps):


Once you're in, I can make you an instructor. If you get stuck anywhere, feel free to contact me.


If a student forgets their password, you can change it in the joomla backend user manager, and then send this...

Hi Lorraine,

Your username is lorraine and I've reset your password to lorraine. Right after you login, you can change that password by clicking 'Account Maintenance' right above where you just entered your username.

After you've logged in and changed your password, click on 'Online Campus' at the top of the page and you'll be in.


If a student loses the key

Hi David,

Follow these instructions to get into your online classroom: http://www.gaiacollege.ca/studentregistration.html

At the end of the process, you will find your course (Toronto - Organic Turf Management - Mar 31, 2009) and enter TURFMAR09TOR102 as the enrolment key (all caps).

The enrolment key is only entered this first time. After this first time, you just go to http://www.gaiacollege.ca, click 'Login/out' at the top of the page, fill out your username and password and login, and then click 'Online Campus' at the top of the page.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Adding Brochures

Upload the new brochure to the appropriate directory:

OMG - /attachments/gardener
ELD - /attachments/design
GFC - /attachments/food
PLC - /attachments/plants
SOIL - /attachments/soil
TURF - /attachments/turf
DIPLOMA - /attachments/diploma

Then edit the appropriate joomla article if necessary, but it's not necessary unless you changed the file name. Make sure the brochure is named properly. The names of these articles are all 'Locations', so you can filter by that.

Introduction to these help articles

These 'How-to' articles can be viewed only by users with author access or above.

Feel free to add your own help pages as reminders of how to do certain things. This is a VERY good idea, as I always forget how I did things before and am happy if I was smart enough to write it down. Also, feel free to add to existing help pages.

If you write help articles, save them in the Administrative section and category (read the 'Editing Pages' article to see how to do this).

Editing Pages

You will occasionally need to edit various pages. My big concern here is that the WYSIWYG is often a pain to work with and can cause more problems, so I quite often go right in to edit the html by clicking 'HTML'. If you are not comfortable with html, you can try to work with the WYSIWYG and if it gets too frustrating, email me.

Common things that need editing:

  • Schedules
  • Free Information Sessions
  • Locations
  • Course pages (eg. OMG main page) to add brochures
  • Typos

1. Login to http://www.gaiacollege.ca/administrator
2. The list of articles is long. There are 2 main ways to find what you want. One is to type part of the name in the 'Filter' box near the left top of the page. Another is to select the appropriate category from the drop-down menu near the right top of the page (most of the categories are self-explanatory, but a few aren't).
3. Once you have found your article, click on it and edit it. After, you can click Save to save and exit, or Apply to save and continue editing.

Adding to the calendar

The calendars in moodle and joomla are google calendars. They are all manipulated from one place, so we don't need to keep track of multiple places to edit them. That place is http://calendar.gaiacollege.ca. It takes a little while to navigate around here, but it's not hard once you've got it.

Creating a new course calendar

The fastest way to create a new calendar for next year is to make a copy of the current year's calendar. This involves exporting and then importing this year's calendar. It takes a few steps, but it's easy once you know how. You cannot choose which calendar to export. It just exports them all, which is fine.

  1. Click 'Settings' at the bottom of the box that says 'My calendars' on the left of the main page. This takes you into a list of the existing calendars.
  2. Find an old calendar with a similar name and copy that name (this is just to keep the naming format the same).
  3. Click 'Create New Calendar' at the bottom of the screen (from the main 'Settings' screen). Paste the above calendar name in. Enter the location (eg. Burnaby). Check 'Share this calendar with others' and make sure 'Make this calendar public' is checked.
  4. After the calendar is created, back in settings, click 'Export calendars' at the bottom of the page. This will save a zip file to your computer which you can unzip.
  5. Back in settings, click 'Import calendar'. Browse your new directory of calendars on your computer. Choose one that is similar to the one you are creating (ie. last year's calendar) and then choose the new calendar you just created in the drop down list. Then import.
  6. Now you can just go in and change the dates (and times if necessary) of the new calendar, rather than starting from scratch.

Editing a calendar

In the main calendar page (you may need to click 'Back to calendar' if you are in settings), you can hide some of the calendars to make editing easier by clicking the ones you don't want to show on the left. You can also do this in settings by unchecking the boxes.

To move the day of a class, simply drag and drop to a new day.

To edit a class, click on it and go from there. It's pretty straight-forward. If you want to make a copy of it rather than edit it, make sure to choose 'More actions' and choose 'Duplicate Event'.

Editing/Adding the calendar to Joomla

Go to the appropriate schedule article in Joomla and edit the following code in html mode (or add it if it's a new city, in which case you'll need to add a link at the top of the page as well, based on the others):

<h2><a class="mceItemAnchor" title="MapleRidge" name="MapleRidge"></a>Maple Ridge</h2>

<iframe src="/moodle/admin_changes/gcalendar-wrapper.php?mode=AGENDA&amp;height=600&amp;wkst=1&amp;bgcolor=%23FFFFFF&color=%233399ab&amp;src=gaiacollege.ca_nvtba6euupf5uceigo95lrat00%40group.calendar.google.com&amp;ctz=America/Vancouver&amp;dates=20090901%2F20091131&amp;futureevents=true" style="border-width: 0pt;" frameborder="0" height="400" scrolling="no" width="600"></iframe><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Next, go to the 'Calendar Details' of your calendar in Google (click on the calendar while in Settings). Scroll down the page to where the html code is and just copy the part that looks like this, and then replace it above:


Also change the dates above so that it shows the appropriate month. I usually just round down the first and last of the month.

Editing/Adding the calendar to Moodle

The code is similar, but looks like the code below. The width and height are different:

<iframe width="350" scrolling="no" height="300" frameborder="0" src="/moodle/admin_changes/gcalendar-wrapper.php?showTabs=0&mode=AGENDA&height=600&wkst=1&bgcolor=%23FFFFFF&color=%233399ab&src=gaiacollege.ca_3u6039il5c7i1n8f9mgknf5lq8%40group.calendar.google.com&color=%23A32929&ctz=America%2FVancouver" style="border-width: 0pt;"></iframe>

Calendar showing up funny?

The code that gives the calendar our colours is called gcalendar-wrapper.php in /moodle/admin_changes. I got it from here: http://www.unitz.com/u-notez/2009/04/color-customization-for-embedded-google-calendars/. If the calendar isn't working, this may need to be updated. The developer said he will keep it current. If you email him, he will help you out.