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You don't need to be a student of Gaia College to have access to our on-line material. Are you

  • A landscape professional wishing to upgrade your knowledge or prepare for SOUL certification?
  • An instructor looking for a text book or just some inspiration?
  • A home gardener looking for understanding beyond simple "how to" instructions?
  • An environmentalist needing up-to-date science?

You will find our books and videos an exciting and novel learning experience! Teaching a new concept in horticulture requires new instructional methods and materials.

As we developed our on-line certificate program we found that the research to support holistic horticulture certainly exists, but in a piecemeal fashion. In order to portray the integration of natural systems we needed to integrate all these bits and pieces. To guide our students towards a different understanding of how nature works we needed to present the information from a different perspective.

So we began to develop our own instructional materials. Actually it's an ongoing process - first was the online text "Organic Land Care - Working with Nature", then the first of our planned video series "What Pesticides Really Do In Your Garden", and now the first two printed books "Working with Nature, Shifting Paradigms" (our textbook), and "The Essence of Organic Gardening - Seeing And Doing Things Differently". More is on the way, so keep checking back.

It's a lot of work, but it's also immensely satisfying to create something so very unique.


About the Illustrator

ChristinaChristina Nikolic holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from Germany. She has been living and working in Canada since 1998, pursuing careers in horticulture and environmental education, and currently specializes in ecological landscape design and consultation. Christina serves on the board of directors of SOUL and is a SOUL Certified Organic Urban Land Care Professional.


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The Essence of Organic Gardening 6 10
Working With Nature - Shifting Paradigms 20 40
What Pesticides Really Do In Your Garden
6 10
Both books or all three items
20 40

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