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The Essence of Organic Gardening - Ebook

The Essence of Organic Gardening

In addition to the printed version available directly from us, 'The Essence of Organic Gardening' is available as an e-book here:

Working With Nature - Shifting Paradigms - Ebook

Working With Nature - Shifting Paradigms

In addition to the printed version available directly from us, 'Working With Nature - Shifting Paradigms' will soon be available as an e-book.

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Organic Land Care - Working With Nature

This book was designed for the internet, and actually is a web site with over 1500 pages, hundreds of pictures and links to outside resources; a truly integrated 3-dimensional experience in learning. As one instructor put it: "It's alive, fascinating. It draws you in and makes you want to learn more and more."

However, unlike regular web sites this is designed to be a course of instruction, to be read from beginning to end. But it is also an incredible resource library on organic horticulture (with search function), which is constantly updated to incorporate the newest research and references. It's a "living" book.
This intense and challenging course of study introduces students in plain language to the science and practice of organic horticulture. You will:


How plants depend on and interact with their environment, both above and below ground.


How impaired plant and environmental vitality lead to plant pests, diseases and other landscape problems.

Examine:How common landscape practices impact on the environment and ultimately plant health:
  • design considerations
  • construction methods
  • maintenance practices
  • pesticides, and
  • soil amendments

How to design, build and maintain landscapes for improved plant health, easy maintenance, enhanced beauty and lasting enjoyment.

Students who have been practicing conventional horticulture will find many of their practices challenged, nagging doubts exposed, questions answered they didn't even know they had, and new questions arising. Everyone will gain a deeper understanding of how nature works.

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