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  • Strategies for feeding the world more sustainably with organic agriculture
    Source - Organic agriculture is proposed as a promising approach to achieving sustainable food systems, but its feasibility is also contested. We use a food systems model that addresses agronomic characteristics of organic agriculture to analyze the role that organic agriculture could play in sustainable food systems. Here we show that a 100% conversion to organic agriculture needs more land than conventional...
  • Mapping the microbiome of ... everything
    Source - In the Earth Microbiome Project, an extensive global team has collected more than 27,000 samples from numerous, diverse environments around the globe. They analyzed the unique collections of microbes -- the microbiomes -- living in each sample to generate the first...
  • Blame the Vikings
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    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about loss of vegetation worldwide as measured by satellites, and some time before that about global

  • Dandelions Roar to the Rescue of Polluted Oil Sands
    Source - It wasn’t much of a bouquet—just a single lonely dandelion. But it had been plucked from the middle of a barren stretch of polluted oil sands. Researchers knew right away that made it something special. (Canadian Press)

    What are oil sands? What’s going on with oil sands in Canada? Get the scoop on this Geography in the News.
  • Making Microbes: Fungal vs Bacterial Soil Life
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    Organic gardeners and farmers understand the need to cultivate and protect soil microorganism life. The strategies to do this involve mulching, composting, and avoiding soil disturbance as much as possible. We know that these strategies, in addition to many others, encourage a healthy soil-food-web.