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  • Rising tundra temperatures create worrying changes in microbial communities
    Source - Rising temperatures in the tundra of the Earth's northern latitudes could affect microbial communities in ways likely to increase their production of greenhouse gases methane and carbon dioxide, a new study of experimentally warmed Alaskan soil suggests.
  • What is Biofumigation and the Connection to Soil Health?
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    Soils Matter, Get the Scoop!
    What's the dirt on soil? Find out here.
    June 15, 2019 · by soilsmatter2011 · in Environment/Ecology, Farming/Gardening, Life in Soil. ·

    Back in 2012, while working for Cornell Cooperative Extension, I was facing a conundrum. Much of the east coast had experienced
  • Leaving microbes out of climate change conversation has major consequences, experts warn
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    Leading microbiologists have issued a warning, saying that not including microbes -- the support system of the biosphere -- in the climate change equation will have major negative flow-on effects.
    More than 30 microbiologists from 9 countries have issued a warning to humanity -- they are calling for the world to stop ignoring an 'unseen majority' in Earth's biodiversity and ecosystem when
  • How Plants Defend Themselves
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    Plant immune system detects bacteria through small fatty acid molecules

    Like humans and animals, plants defend themselves against pathogens with the help of their immune system. But how do they activate their cellular defenses? Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have now
  • ‘Wood wide web’ - the underground network of microbes that connects trees - mapped for first time
    Source - Trees, from the mighty redwoods to slender dogwoods, would be nothing without their microbial sidekicks. Millions of species of fungi and bacteria swap nutrients between soil and the roots of trees, forming a vast, interconnected web of organisms throughout the woods. Now, for the first time, scientists have mapped this “wood wide web” on a global scale,...