Courses Taught

Growing Food In The City
Organic Master Gardener



BA Geography 2002, Universityof Victoria
Organic Master Gardener Certificate, Winter 2008, Gaia College
Ecological Landscape Design Certificate, 2009, Gaia College
Owner of landscaping company established 2004


I was first introduced to gardening in both its art and function at the age of 14. I was lead by a talented plant designer by the name of Dimity O'Neal who is a friend of the family. She saw in me that I am sensitive to my environment, that I have an artistic eye, and that I take pleasure in hard work. From then it has been a lifelong journey of focused learning.

Before, during, and after University, I supported myself with garden work. I have logged many hours in the garden. I have seen all types of plantings, soil conditions, mulches, composts, DIY gardens, "professionally" designed gardens: some exceptionally good, and some maybe not so good. It's all about finding the perfect plant for the spot, and taking care of the soil.

Gardening makes me feel good. It puts a jump in my step. I find it thrilling to work on an untended garden and reveal it's treasures, whether that be a glorious old rose, or a little nest of baby bunnies; a fruiting blueberry, or a colony of tree frogs. Then there are the highly maintained gardens, where flowering times are colour coordinated and weeds never get bigger than a coin. Each garden is a unique experience. To garden is to appreciate, and embody the abundance that is the earth. It is to notice the glory of a simple flower hanging like a treasure. A lingering scent floating in fresh air. The satisfaction of sprouting seeds. After all of that richness, there is more. Harvest. Gardening is to participate in the true value of all things. It makes one rich beyond what money can buy. I garden for a living, and I garden to live.