Layla-Portrait-Gaia.jpgLayla Didmon is the business manager for Gaia College and works behind the scenes to ensure the appropriate resources are available for our educational team to continue to support our students in their learning journey. 

With concerns about food security and a desire to learn how to expand her food garden production in a way that supports and builds healthy soil, Layla first came to Gaia College as a student in 2020.  She continues to be inspired by the Gaia College coursework, fellow students, instructors and colleagues who care deeply about the practice of organic land care. Layla is currently on track to obtain her Diploma in Organic Land Care later this year. 

Layla has a professional background in graphic, web and eLearning design, and as a small business owner. She is a lifelong learner who enjoys time in the garden, hiking and biking on the local trails, and camping with family. Layla is a big picture thinker who gets excited about turning problems into creative solutions that can serve multiple purposes.