Laurie Smith

Courses Taught

Laurie Smith business photoBusiness Skills for Land Care Professionals
Ecological Plant Knowledge 1 - Natives


Organic Land Care Diploma – Gaia College
Basic Botany – Oregon State University
BSc, BA, MA – University of Toronto


Laurie Smith is a graduate of Gaia College’s Organic Land Care Diploma program.  Prior to embarking on her journey of learning about and embracing the practices of organic land care, she worked in the field of kinesiology and injury rehabilitation where she ran her own business for sixteen years. She currently works in management at a health club and after hours tends to local gardens, gently pointing out the benefits of organic and sustainable practises to homeowners.

Her parents grew their own fruits and vegetables, composted, and instilled in her a deep appreciation of Nature and creatures of all sizes. She remembers being given a detention in Grade 1 for slapping a classmate who wilfully killed a large earthworm in the schoolyard! 

Plants are her “happy place”, and Laurie believes that humans can learn much from their chlorophyll-endowed fellow inhabitants of this planet.