Kathleen Millar 200

Courses Taught

Business Skills for Landscape Professionals
Growing Food 2 - Advanced Practices Online
Organic Master Gardener
Port Alberni
Gaia College, Online Facilitator


Certified Soil Food Web Advisor
Organic Master Gardener with focus on Organic Turf Management
SOUL Certified Organic Land Care Professional


Kathleen Millar is the lead Soil Fertility Strategist at Cultivating Soil Solutions, an educational and consulting company focused on creating and maintaining soil fertility. Cultivating Soil Solutions emerged from Kathleen Millar's passion to preserve a precious resource – the fertility in our soil. Kathleen's awareness about this vital resource began on a trip to Ethiopia in 1985 where she observed a country that had lost it's topsoil and was enduring a devastating famine. More several years, she spent time working as a grounds keeper at golf courses where soil management practices involved conventional chemical turf systems. This led to a health crisis and a renewed interest in finding natural methods for achieving fertile soil! Kathleen's training in natural methods started at Gaia College, where she graduated from the Organic Master Gardener program and qualified as a SOUL Certified Organic Land Care Professional. During her studies she became fascinated with the microbiology of soil and compost. She pursued this fascination through her studies at the Sustainable Studies Institute in Corvallis, Oregon, where she became certified in 2011 as a Soil Food Web advisor. When Kathleen's newborn daughter was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in 2012, Kathleen decided to create an optimally healthy environment for her, including an organic, high nutrition diet. While testing their organic food with a Brix meter, Kathleen discovered something - there is a great variance of quality in our organic food supply! The core issue is the fertility of the soil the food is grown in and some growers have it and some don't. At this point, Cultivating Soil Solutions started providing the diagnostic tool (Brix meter) the public needed to determine the quality of their organics. After reading Steve Solomon's book 'The Intelligent Gardner' Kathleen realized that addressing the mineral balance in the soil was the key to growing high Brix, nutrient dense food.