Courses Taught

Growing Food


Organic Master Gardener, Gaia College


Janette Haase grew up in Montreal and attended Queen's University, graduating with a degree in Geology. Between 1986 and 1998, she and her family ran a successful farm and two-acre organic market garden, supplying vegetables and herbs to restaurants, including Ottawa's National Art Centre and Kingston's Chez Piggy. She then began gardening in a much smaller space, growing food for herself and her young children in her small front yard. In 2006, Janette began teaching workshops about growing vegetables and eating locally and seasonally. In 2009, she published From Seed to Table, A Practical Guide to Eating and Growing Green, her response to the growing awareness of conventional agriculture's contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Since then, Janette has continued to teach both adults and school children and has worked with a wide variety of community groups to develop gardens that provide both food and learning opportunities for their clients, community volunteers and partnering with schools and organizations.


Janette Haase