How to Access Your Online Classroom

IMPORTANT: Your course will not be visible until the course start date. On the course start date (or after that date), login (

Once your course has started you will click on the “Login/out” link at the top right of the page and login by entering your username and password. Please note: If you are already logged in then you must logout, then login again.


Click on the “Online Campus” button to go to the online campus.


Once you are in the Online Campus, find your course in the “My Courses” block in the top left of the page.


You are now in your online classroom.

You can also watch our short video tour of the Online Campus and finding your course: 


Now you have access to all the course materials. The “Before You Start” section provides important information on how to navigate the course site and make the most of your online experience.

We encourage you to review all the elements on the course website, get comfortable with the online environment, browse the forums, and utilize the extensive resources available to you. Note that there is a weekly course calendar that will outline all the required activities for each week - you may wish to keep this handy by printing it.

Be sure to log-out at the end of each session.

Keep these instructions near your computer or with your course materials until you’re comfortable with the log in/out process.