Testimonials for home and community gardeners

Allen MacDonald

I must personally thank you for opening up a new source of knowledge for myself. Your course (Organic Soil Management) has given me a greater understanding of the complexity of nature, and more importantly a source to gain further understanding.The training has confirmed that I was instinctively doing the right things, now I have a little more understanding of why, and the tools to gain greater knowledge understanding. Thank you! Thank you! Your book has become my new bed time reading. Not sure if my wife will thank you as I lose track of time and read into the night.
Allen MacDonald, Irrigation Technician

Anne Finlay

Thank you again for an awesome Organic Master Gardener Course. I feel very fortunate to be amongst the first graduating class. As I have said to you in person, the course has been life-changing for me, giving me a deeper, richer, more respectful and more aware relationship with my planet, ecosystem, and personal life.

Anne Finlay, Victoria

Chris Muscat H

I have been thinking about what I learned yesterday during our lecture all day today. I saw the world around me in a deeply profound way today, almost in the same wonderment I felt as a child or young adolescent growing up near the woods, being in them and feeling that deep ecological connection with everything. I felt for a long time something had been misplaced for me. Sometimes we lose that ability to see the wonderment as we did, but yesterday instilled in me a memory and also a new way of appreciating the sacredness I once felt but in a mature way.

Chris Muscat

Charlese Nan H

I think that the OMG was the single most enjoyable course I have taken (independent of a program). I think the course has taught me an immense amount, so much so that I don't even think I know how to put it into words. This year I am planning on growing most of my own food, not just eating from my garden.... but preserving it for the winter and also growing cold storage crops, and having a cold frame for some delectables to stay in the ground. I am doing this for my soul, and for the love of food that has taste!

Charlese Nan

Marilyn Bowker

Course is awesome; Connie is awesome; participants are totally awesome; I am soooo grateful. Thank you for this!

Marilyn Bowker

Margo H

Firstly, my biggest feeling coming away from that marvelous, inspiring course, was a feeling of hope. I truly felt hopeful and convinced that we, us gardeners and farmers, could in fact address the overwhelming insults our beautiful earth is suffering, one garden, farm, public space, purchase, letter, etc. at a time. We are an amazing force, and once we all start learning how great Nature's toolbox is (that kind of knowledge Gaia College is teaching), then it's possible and within our grasp to right all the wrongs. After taking the OMG course, I felt empowered, hopeful and motivated to get the message out to others that we can make a difference and we fix this and we can be a powerful, collective force of change.


Kristopher Rogerson

I just wanted to say thanks for a great 2 month period, the class really opened my eyes to things I had thought about, but never really had any idea as to the depth that organic gardening practices really reach. I could not be happier with what I learned and the experiences gained. I enjoyed every minute of it and you made the process very approachable and fun.
Kristopher Rogerson

Frances Holbrook

Loved the course and can't believe how much it has changed my gardening practices. I read the textbook from cover to cover and plan to read it again. Never did this with any of my university texts!
Frances Holbrook

Lorelie Shoesmith

It's incredible the changes that have happened in my life because of the Organic Master Gardener Course I signed up for in 2010. I can't even remember what led me to this class and how I found it. I just know that I have found my "calling". THANK YOU GAIA COLLEGE! I am continually learning this art of organic gardening and find I am pushed over the edge with joy whenever I hear someone new wanting to start a small veggie bed!
Lorelie Shoesmith

Linda Gregg

Thanks for a wonderful Organic Master Gardener course! This course has given me much more science and practical wisdom for use in our gardens and our large St. Joseph's Organic Community Garden.
Linda Gregg, Toronto

Lynette Twigge

I really enjoyed the course and all the hands on experience. I found it inspiring and it has helped encourage healthy changes in our landscapes and in my own back yard. It was truly a great environment for the group to share problems and come up with organic solutions for everyday issues with our businesses and residences. It allowed a renewed confidence in the process and educational information that I can pass along to those around me, co-workers, associates, family and friends.
Lynette Twigge

Sandra Hertel H

“Gaia College changed my way of thinking; chemical free is the way to go”

Sandra Hertel

Jen Norfolk

I cannot begin to express how much this course, along with the OMG class have changed my worldview. I was already there I think but having the sound information from which to work makes a huge difference. Now, when I try something in the yard, I know why it will work or at least I know better how to find out why. I have developed skills to make a longterm plan and the confidence to see it through, with the understanding that my mistakes and missteps won’t harm everything in the process. Now all I have to do is decide which class to take next! Any suggestions are welcome!

Cheers and many thanks,


Kim M

“I know how special Gaia is.  I’ve recommended your courses to whomever shows a little interest in gardening, that’s there’s so much more.  I know one gal has taken me up on it and enrolled in your OMG course.  She said it’s tough but loving it - I did warn & encourage her.”

Kim M, OMG, Vancouver BC

Bertrand B.

"Every time I go out for another trip in the woods for whatever reason, this once alien landscape is beginning to speak to me clearly."

Bertrand B.