Growing Food

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This course is also offered under the title "Growing Food in the City". Our instructors will ensure that the course delivery is tailored to the local growing conditions, and needs of our students.

If you are concerned about where your food comes from, what’s in it (or on it), or simply getting the best nutrition possible for your family – this course is for you! Grow an abundance of healthy, nutritious and delicious food right away this year – save hundreds of dollars on your food budget – and take a giant step towards increasing your family’s food security.

Going beyond organic gardening – beyond permaculture – we will mentor you through an entire food growing season so you can gain the essential gardening skills and the confidence to grow most of your own food. Come join us, and learn to:Improvised Shoulder Bag

  • Create and maintain healthy soil, which will grow nutritious, vibrant, health-giving food
  • Analyze and optimize the growing conditions in your garden for the best results possible

  • Creatively collect, use and preserve water for optimal garden health, and protection of this precious global resource

  • Use holistic solutions for plant health problems ("pests" and "diseases")
  • Select, plant, maintain and harvest a large variety of food plants for year-round enjoyment

  • Propagate plants to build a diverse food garden at very little cost
  • Store your harvest for an abundance of home grown food throughout the winter

  • Save your own seeds

This practical, hands-on course is open to everyone, no prior education or gardening experience required.

Students are encouraged to grow their own garden during the year, putting the newly acquired knowledge and skills to practice. Of the 16 sessions, 5 will be classroom sessions and the rest will be practical labs held in students’ gardens. The course also includes inspiring summer fun exercises, and ends with a celebration and potluck event, for all to share their experiences and recipes.

There are no pre-requisites, but the Organic Master Gardener Course would be highly beneficial either before, during or after this program.