Courses Taught

Growing Food In The City
Organic Master Gardener components


BA degree and Diploma in Secondary Education, South Africa
Teacher of English as a Second Language, TESL Canada
Certified Aromatherapist, Toronto
Organic Farming as a Business course, Camosun College, Victoria
Organic Master Gardener certificate, Gaia College, Duncan
Growing Food certificate, Gaia College, Duncan


Elmarie germinated as a grower after starting as a volunteer at Haliburton Farm, Victoria in 2003. Nourished by an apprenticeship and a short course, she went on to co-farm for 4 years, before passing on the leased 1 acre to new growers. Since then, she has enjoyed supporting the farm’s educational vision by serving on the Board, hosting tours, schools and interns. On a demonstration section she grows herbs, flowers and seeds. These contribute to supplying the farm markets and add to funds for the non-profit that governs the 7 acre farm. Today she is honoured to steward land with 8 other businesses, 12 growers and 2 interns. She wishes every day that there were more places like Haliburton Farm, where agricultural land is reserved for pure food grown in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.


Haliburton Farm