"Gaia College was instrumental in forming a new career path for me, as well as being a welcoming and exciting forum of like-minded individuals that want to do something to help heal our planet, one garden at a time."

- Sarah Valentine, March 2022

Are you looking: 

  • To live and work in a way that is congruent with your personal values?

  • For horticulture skills that are relevant in these times of environmental and social change?

  • For a career that satisfies your need to make a meaningful contribution to your community?

Embark on a fulfilling and rewarding career

Learn how to design, install and maintain landscapes to promote and preserve the health of the environment. Our courses prepare you for a career in sustainable horticulture.

It’s easy to update your skills

Our courses start in January, May, and September and run 14 weeks (see Course Planning and Schedules). Our courses are offered in a continuing education format so you can complete them according to your schedule. Each course is presented as 14 weekly topics, students are expected to complete the assigned work and quizzes in the course timeframes. 

On your time

You can take individual courses without committing to complete the Diploma in Organic Land Care. There is no timeline to fulfill the diploma requirements. Upon successful completion of the 4 core courses and 1 elective course you can submit your request for the Gaia College Diploma in Organic Land Care certificate. 

Looking for certification or continuing education credits?

The Gaia College Diploma in Organic Land Care fulfills the advanced education requirements for becoming a SOUL Certified Organic Land Care Professional, and our courses are recognized by many professional organizations to qualify for continuing education credits. 

Student Testimonial

"I would like to thank the founders and staff of the college for keeping and passing on this simple truth and knowledge about land care. I absolutely enjoyed taking every single course of the Diploma program and feel inspired and more confident in starting to apply the knowledge I received in my future work and life."  

- Jamila Bektenova - Feb. 2021


What if you live in Northern Canada? 

All courses offered take into account the weather during a Canadian winter. All practical assignments can be completed throughout the year with the exception of collecting a soil sample for the purpose of performing a soil sedimentation test in the Organic Master Gardener / Organic Horticulture Specialist course. This soil sample can be collected during warmer weather and frozen for later use in the course.

Lifetime Access

All graduates are welcomed into the Gaia College community with lifetime access to resources and online forums. 


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