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"I highly recommend taking any course through Gaia College! They are the leader in Organic Land Care and whether you take one course or pursue their Diploma program you will be thankful for their evidence based, in depth courses and the supportive expertise of their amazing teachers/facilitators."

Spencer Curran - September, 2022

Since 2003, Gaia College has been offering holistic horticulture education to students all over the world. Our courses integrate essential knowledge of ecology, permaculture and organic gardening to build a solid ecological foundation for your career and/or personal life.

Online courses, on your time 

We work to make Gaia College courses accessible and affordable. Our courses are offered in a continuing education format and can be completed while attending to your other priorities. You can take individual courses to earn a certificate, and/or work towards the Diploma in Organic Land Care program. Courses start in January, May and September

Diploma in Organic Land Care

Continuing education credits and certification

Our courses qualify for many professional and industry continuing education credits (CECs). As well, you can qualify for the SOUL Organic Land Care Practitioner and Certified Organic Land Care Professional qualifications

Continuing Education Credits

Lifetime access to course resources

Gaia College students receive lifetime access to the online learning resources and discussion forums. 

Get to know like-minded people

All of our courses are instructor-led and offer many opportunities to participate in interesting and engaging discussions with like minded classmates. Students from all over the world come to Gaia College to learn how to garden with nature as their guide.

Accessible and affordable

We are proud to have kept our professional courses affordable. Course fees are $795 (plus applicable tax), payable upon registration. We accept credit card, e-transfer or cheque. If you require financial assistance please see our Funding Opportunities. Additionally, all of our courses have flexible schedules that fit into your lifestyle. 

Certificate courses

Successful completion of all Gaia College courses will earn students a certificate in that course.

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Organic Master Gardener


You will see the world in a new way. Learn the connections between soil health, plant health, human health and environmental health. This is our foundation course, intended for home gardener.

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Growing Food


This is a comprehensive course for students wanting to grow their own food. You will learn organic gardening principles, applied permaculture, harvesting and food preservation. Successfully grow an abundance of healthy, nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables.

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Ecological Plant Knowledge - Natives


Why are native plants important for your garden? Are you looking to support native wildlife and pollinators? Join learners from diverse gardening backgrounds who are interested in incorporating native plants into designed landscapes. 

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Organic Horticulture Specialist


You will see the world in a new way. Learn the connections between soil health, plant health, human health and environmental health. This is our foundation course, intended for the professional gardener. 

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Landscape Design Basics with SketchUp Pro


This is our introduction to the language and tools of landscape design. Students will learn the basic elements of landscape design and how to communicate their work to clients, coworkers and contractors. This includes the landscape design process, project modeling and presentation in 2D and 3D views, as well as some estimate and material specification. We use SketchUp Pro and Layout for the graphic design and presentation tools, and lessons progress through various levels of learning the software.

This course is a pre-requisite or co-requisite to Ecological Landscape Design.

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Ecological Landscape Design


You will learn the principles and practice of ecological landscape design. Students will explore how the various elements are used in softscaping and hardscaping. In particular, how to achieve aesthetic and functional goals while creating ecologically sound landscapes. This is our capstone course, integrating the knowledge and skills gained from the Organic Land Care Diploma courses.

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Living Green Infrastructure


This course is designed to provide the knowledge and tools to professionals and practitioners for a solid understanding of living green infrastructure. Learn to implement technologies and best management practices throughout the planning, constructing and maintenance of sustainable land development.

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Rainwater Harvesting and Management


Using the concepts of rainwater management, and implementing key components of rainwater harvesting, professionals and trades practitioners will be able to design, create and manage quality systems in a sustainable and environmentally ethical manner.

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Business Skills for Land Care Professionals


This is a practical introduction to common business solutions. You will build a framework addressing the administrative, operational and marketing requirements for your business. This course is designed for small landscaping businesses, however, it can be applied to many types of small businesses. Participants will develop their own marketing and business plans.

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Ecological Plant Knowledge 2 - Ornamentals


Students learn to understand plants in the context of their ecosystem. Students are guided in conducting their own research to identify specific relationships for specific ornamental plants. This is particularly important so that ornamental plants will have the environmental support they need to thrive.

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The Art of Online Facilitation
The Art of Online Facilitation is a course intended for training educators as online facilitators of fully online and blended delivery courses.
Course design is critical to good online course facilitation and this course is intended to guide the educator in using an already developed online course as the basis for example.


Learn with industry professionals

“In the long run, I envision a world where organic land care is the industry standard."
-Gaia College Instructor, Christina Nikolic

Gaia College instructors, staff and students are pioneers at the forefront of the organic land care movement across North America. Gaia College has delivered educational programs online and through education partners and industry groups, with more than 5000 student enrolments since 2002. 

Gaia College Instructors teach ecological landscape design and gardening practices in a way that supports healthy soils, healthy plants and healthy ecosystems. Gaia College is cultivating a community of professionals, farmers and gardeners to grow awareness of the principles and practice of organic land care.

Gaia College is part of a growing community working to bring about a new standard of care for our environment. 

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