Q: Can I access the online resources even after I finished the course?

A: Yes, you will have access indefinitely to the resources of this course. Once the course is closed, you will get transferred into the Alumni course where the most up to date resources are made available. This may take some time...please be patient.

Q: I've downloaded Google Chrome but I'm having trouble installing it on Windows 10, can you help?

A: Follow this link (or copy and paste this link information into your browser window) [https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/6315198?hl=en] for instructions on installing Google Chrome from the download.

Q: Though I am logged in...it will not allow me to access the online course

A: Log out of our website and restart your browser before trying to login again. If this doesn't work, close your browser and restart your computer before trying again.

Q: I am registered, but I can't get into my course. Is there a problem?

A: You will be able to access your course on the course start date. The first module is about introductions and getting to know the system. You will have time to get familiarized with the online platform.