Q: I've never taken an online course, is it hard?

A: Studying on-line is very different from learning in a face-to-face classroom setting. It may be more convenient – or for some it may be the only way they can take our courses - but it is definitely easier.

The University of Illinois has provided some excellent pre-assessment information for potential on-line students.
Please complete the online Self Evaluation before you decide to take one of our courses: 

You can also please read the article entitled
'What Makes A Successful Online Student?'

Q: Do I need to use a computer to complete this course?

A: You must have access to a computer capable of running a current version of FireFox or Chrome. Tablets and phones are not supported at this time.

Q: I'm not very good with computers, is that okay?

A: Our courses are College level courses, and the appropriate computer skills are needed to complete the coursework. We've found an online testing site that will help assess your computer skills to see if you are ready for online work.


Try the 'Essential Computer Skills section (using the appropriate test of the last two; either Windows or Mac)
Try the Microsoft Word, and Social Media test as well to establish your literacy with computers.
If you did not pass, get help with the problem areas and try again.