Are you a planner, policy maker or developer? Would you like to see more green infrastructure present in your community? The Diploma in Organic Land Care - Living Green Infrastructure Stream can help you make better and more integrated decisions to support the sustainability of the green spaces you develop and create.

Achieve a deep understanding of nature’s contribution to the success of human created infrastructure.



Student Comment

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate still having access to class materials. It's been very useful, and a luxury compared to most post-secondary institutions. I really appreciate it! I think this should serve as real incentive for potential Gaia students, especially those that know the restrictions and inaccessibility of post-secondary course materials after graduation, because your student account is deactivated or you had to sell your texts. We get a lot for our course fee with Gaia. All the best, and keep up the good work."

Brianna van de Wijngaard