Courses Taught

Organic Master Gardener
Stony Plain, AB


Diploma in Food Science – Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Soil & Agronomy Laboratory Course – Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Inc, Dr. Arden Anderson
Sustainable Studies Institute Workshops, Dr. Elaine Ingham Introduction to the Soil Foodweb
- Compost Technology and Methods
- Compost Tea Technology and Application
- Light Microscope Methods
Farmer & Gardener


I currently live on a small farm practicing biodynamic farming principles. We grow the majority of our own food as well as that for our animals. On our farm we have cattle, horses bees, chickens and compost worms. We have been farming organically since 1996 and were certified organic from 2001 – 2006.

I have over 30 years experience working as a chemical engineering technologist with the Alberta Research Council. During my work career I have gained experience working a variety of projects that have complimented my farming passion.I continue to add to my knowledge base through attending workshops, conferences, seminars and literature study.