1. Create an account

    • Create a Gaia College student account by visiting www.gaiacollege.ca/account-information.html
    • Fill in your information and click “Save”. Clicking “Save” automatically logs you in.
    • Please record and save your username and password.
    • Proceed to Step 2. 

New Students Start Here


2. Register for your course

Find your course on the course overview page and click on it. Select your preferred semester and follow through the payment process.  

You will receive more info the week prior to the course start date on how to access your online classroom. 

That's it!

3. Accessing your course on the course start date

Your course will not be visible until the course start date. On the course start date (or after that date), login (gaiacollege.ca/login), click Online Campus and you will find your course listed in the center panel.


Learn more about how to access your online classroom and/or watch this short video tour of the Online Campus: