We know that everyone learns differently, and that online learning isn’t for everyone. We strive to make our courses as accessible as possible so everyone can get the most out of their learning experience. Here are some frequently asked questions and tips about our online courses. 

How can I prepare for my online course?
Before registering, be sure you know how to use a word processor and a web browser. You’ll also want to know where files go on your computer once they’re downloaded as you’ll likely be downloading some extra reading materials.  

How do I access the course material? 
The day the course starts you will have access to your online classroom through our learning management system (LMS), moodle. This is available through a web browser by logging into our website and clicking Online Campus. You’ll only be able to see your course once it’s started. 

We ease into each course by dedicating the first week to familiarizing yourself with the online classroom, the content, and the instructor. The first week also offers an opportunity for students to introduce themselves, and in turn get to know their classmates. Some courses offer a digital copy of the text within the course that will be accessible when it starts. Other courses require textbooks to be purchased.

Learn more about how to access your online classroom.

Where can I find the course texts?
Required texts for each course can be found on the course overview page under Texts. Some should be purchased in advance, some are available in digital format and some are offered via a link within the course. 

Where can I find a course schedule?
Our courses are built so you can do everything on your own time. Each course follows a weekly schedule that covers a different lesson every week. All discussions, lessons, readings, quizzes, etc. for that lesson / week must be completed by Sunday at midnight. Thus, there is no “set time” to be online for a lecture or discussion. Because we get students from around the world, our instructors do not offer standard office hours but are able to connect with students if needed at a suitable time. 

How much time per week should I commit to my course?
We estimate 6-10 hours per week per course, depending on the course. However, each course comes with a wealth of additional resources that you can access (during or after the course ends) so you may find yourself spending more time reading one week than another. If you find you can’t get through all of the additional material, that’s ok as all students are granted indefinite access to the course resources and digital library materials.