Andrea-photo.pngSince February of 2020, Andrea has been working with Gaia College handling its social outreach. Her duties and responsibilities include programming the social media content on Gaia College’s various social media platforms, coordinating advertising and promotions, creating the quarterly newsletters, handling student enquiries, and preparing student mailouts of course completion certificates and diplomas. Andrea also contributes to curriculum development. 

In 2020, Andrea also completed her diploma in Organic Land Care with Gaia College. She is also currently attending Dr. Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web School and hopes to become a registered Soil Food Web Specialist and LabTech professional. Andrea has also been gardening organically for over 25 years and currently lives on a farm with her family where she is putting into use the knowledge gained from the Gaia College courses that she has completed. Andrea is an avid composter and will be launching a composting business in the Fall of 2022.  

Prior to this line of work, Andrea gained an extensive background in Project Management from working on the construction, transition, and operation of various airports in Canada, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. 

Andrea speaks English, Spanish, French and Hungarian.