Build your skills in ORGANIC LAND CARE

Create naturally sustainable gardens, landscapes, farms, and green spaces.

HealthySOIL 200
HealthyPLANTS 200

Established in 2003, Gaia College offers a proven curriculum in organic land care. With Gaia, people around the world have learned how to design, install and maintain landscapes to promote and preserve the health of the environment. (See their testimonials!) Our online courses start in January, May, and September and run 14 weeks. Some of our courses are also offered by our education partners, online and in classrooms. All graduates are welcomed into the Gaia community with lifetime access to resources and online forums – it’s easy to update your skills!

HOME GARDENERS: Create green spaces that are lush and beautiful year after year.
LANDSCAPERS: Show your clients the way of the future and earn accreditations.
SMALL FOOD GROWERS: Stay up to date on environmentally sustainable technologies.
MUNICIPALITIES & DEVELOPERS: Reap benefits beyond sustainability of green spaces.

In Remembrance of Heide Hermary

30 September, 1948 - 18 March, 2016