"When covid forced me out of an occupation I had for over 10 years, I was keen to retrain and follow my heart’s desire: being a better gardener. After a search online, I found Gaia College and started with the Organic Master Gardener course, taught by Astrid. She was a wonderful, patient instructor and her passion for organic and ecological gardening was contagious! That was the start.

From there I took as many courses as possible until a new career focus took hold of me: becoming a landscape designer, fine tuned by Ken’s superb teaching of the Sketch Up and Ecological Landscape Design courses. Christina’s Natives I course was excellent for combining all the previously taught courses.

Gaia College was instrumental in forming a new career path for me, as well as being a welcoming and exciting forum of like-minded individuals that want to do something to help heal our planet, one garden at a time."

Sarah Valentine