The OMG beautifully illustrated fundamental relationships within all systems on this living planet. It made me feel like I belonged to the earth and knew how to love it. I tell everyone, to take the course.... just take it! I would even take it again in a few years.... because I feel like there is so much more I could learn from it... again! I really enjoyed the experience... that I know is clear. I also really enjoyed you, your passion, your humour, your deeply intuitive knowledge. The OMG has inspired me... Charlese Nan 

Our Unique Programs

Holistic practices require knowledge of the natural processes upon which all life depends. Therefore the information presented in our programs is highly integrated, reflecting the integration of natural systems and processes.

To facilitate this paradigm shift we have developed our own comprehensive instructional materials, guiding students step-by step towards a new understanding of how nature works.

Students will be able to apply this knowledge in diverse situations, ranging from ornamental horticulture to small scale food production and environmental stewardship.

Our programs are designed to

  • Assist current professionals in their transition to sound environmental practices
  • Enable new students to become knowledgeable professionals in their fields of study
  • Provide a cooperative learning environment for the expression of ideas and knowledge
  • Be widely and easily accessible