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Be prepared for a major shift in paradigms! This is a gardening course, and so much more. Students have called it "life changing" - because once we truly understand the connection between soil health, plant health, human health and environmental health we look at the world with different eyes.

This is our core course. It is intense - challenging - inspiring, consisting of lectures and hands-on exercises. And it is taking the country by storm!

  • Learn to create fabulous food and ornamental gardens without pesticides and other harmful chemicals
  • Gain essential skills to start or enhance your own business in the rapidly growing organic land care industry
  • Prepare to write the SOUL Organic Accreditation exam for land care professionals
  • Earn generous Continuing Education Credits to maintain your industry certifications (ISA, CNLA, BCSLA, SOUL)

Everyone is welcome. No previous experience required. Just come, learn and have fun. To receive a Certificate of Completion students must attend 90% of classes and satisfactorily complete all assignments and quizzes.

This program partially satisfies the requirements of:

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Student Comment

Just have to say this course is such a priceless contribution to us and our planet. I feel privileged to be taking it, absorbing like a sponge, reveling in what confirms and supports.
Many thanks, Carol McIntyre


Fees - all locations except Stony Plain: $695.00
Fees - Stony Plain: $1250.00 for their longer, extended course

Fees include:

      • Textbook (e-book)
      • Printed and on-line handouts
      • Unlimited access to our on-line course resources, community center, including library, discussion forums and much more

      Payment Options

      By Mail: Cheque drawn on a Canadian bank; Money order in Canadian funds

      On-line: Visa, Mastercard


      Please be sure you are familiar with our policies.

Student Comment

Thank you again for an awesome Organic Master Gardener Course. I feel very fortunate to be amongst the first graduating class. As I have said to you in person, the course has been life-changing for me, giving me a deeper, richer, more respectful and more aware relationship with my planet, ecosystem, and personal life.
Anne Finlay, Victoria


At this time, there are no prerequisites for this course.

Student Comment

I have to tell you how much I am enjoying these classes. Up to now I've taken other courses which have covered much of the same material, but this time things are really clicking. I'm understanding more and retaining more of the information. I'm more aware of the implications of going organic not just in gardening but in other aspects of my life. It's like an epiphany. It sounds silly when I write it down, but it's made me so much more aware. Thank you.
Barb Bancroft, Vancouver


There are no formal exams in this course, as the emphasis is on developing practical skills and the ability to synthesize information.

To receive a Certificate of Completion students must attend 90% of all classes and satisfactorily complete all assignments and online quizzes.

Student Comment

Thank you so much Heide, for your advice on this matter and also for the fabulous programs you have compiled. The OMG really sparked my passion for gardening/landscaping into full flame. I look forward to meeting you one day. The OMG has provided me with a new way to 'dig' my work, a challenging way to look at our whole industry. I think this "Shifting Paradigm" is timely and necessary for those of us who love and honor Mother Earth!
Valerie Deakin

Today was our first class! I'm so impressed with the course material. Lots of substance and no fluff, just the way I like it! We viewed your DVD today on pesticides and it was so clear and concise. Thank you!
Tara Qua, Gabriola Island


Required Text

Hermary, Heide, Working with Nature - Shifting Paradigms, Gaia College. Particularly designed to lead the student through the paradigm shift that is necessary before he or she is capable of truly holistic thinking.

The textbook (e-book) is included in the course fees. Some handouts are provided in class. Additional handouts are provided on-line at the course website.

Access to our extensive on-line resource library is included in the tuition.

Required Supplies

Students require bypass pruners for the pruning practice, and basic gardening tools for the garden bed installation and composting classes. All other materials will be supplied.

Student Comment

The course has given me a larger vision: the ability to stand back and assess those practical aspects of drainage, soil structure, irrigation needs, compaction concerns, site features and utilization, plant health and landscape protection. These practical aspects must continuously be related to the ever-present consideration of nature's need to strive towards a more balanced approach.Working with nature has more meaning for me, and, I hope, for those students with whom I interact.
Laurie Hardy, College Instructor


Attendance at this program earns you the following Continuing Education Credits (CECs):

International Society of Arboriculture: Certified Arborist
30 Credits

International Society of Arboriculture: Board Certified Management Arborist
30 Credits (Science 15, Practice 15)

B.C. Society of Landscape Architects
As per Society guidelines - eligibility of this program has been confirmed

Canadian Horticultural Technician
Full required credits for yearly certification renewal

Student Comment

I have found the program extremely helpful in operating my business. I now have a lot more knowledge and the confidence to make the right choices.
Michael Cowan, Organic Landscaper

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