Growing Food 2 - Growing Nutrient Dense & High Energy Food - Online

Course Overview


Perhaps the biggest challenge in creating food security for our and future generations is the degradation of the world’s agricultural soils. Millions and millions of acres have already lost their capacity to support human food production, and the rest is being subjected to an ever increasing onslaught of toxic chemicals that deplete the soil’s – and therefore our food’s - nutrient content. While we currently have plenty of food, it is so lacking in vital nutrients that diseases – and health care costs – run rampant.

In this course we will focus on replenishing and rebalancing soil nutrients with the goal of growing not just food, but complete nutrition for ourselves and our animals.

Topics include

  • Connecting soil health and human health
  • The complexity of nutrient uptake by plants
  • Soil microbiology
  • Soil nutrient patterns and desired nutrient content
  • Soil test interpretation
  • Fertilizers and fertilizer calculations

Finally we will go beyond the need for massive extraction, transport and use of material substances to explore the rapidly growing field of quantum agriculture, looking at energetic solutions such as

  • Biodynamics
  • Paramagnetism
  • Radionics and broadcast towers
  • Dowsing and energy structures

Granted, the last part of the course is a little unusual, but we promise to keep it grounded in science and solid experience.

Who should take this course?

    • Anyone growing food for themselves or others – at any scale
    • Anyone concerned about the lack of nutrition in our food supply
    • Policy makers at all levels, including our countries’ leaders