The OMG beautifully illustrated fundamental relationships within all systems on this living planet. It made me feel like I belonged to the earth and knew how to love it. I tell everyone, to take the course.... just take it! I would even take it again in a few years.... because I feel like there is so much more I could learn from it... again! I really enjoyed the experience... that I know is clear. I also really enjoyed you, your passion, your humour, your deeply intuitive knowledge. The OMG has inspired me... Charlese Nan 

We've spent years to develop and fine-tune our leading edge organic horticulture courses. If you are looking for organic curriculum - and are concerned about the time and cost of developing your own - contact us! We have partnership agreements with several institutions - benefiting everyone, most of all the students.

Our curriculum is tested in the classroom, and it works. All our courses have fully developed

  • learning outcomes
  • lesson plans
  • power point presentations
  • handouts
  • assignments

Every year our programs are reviewed, carefully considering student and instructor feedback.

Talk to us - one of our strategic goals is to develop partnerships with educational institutions and community organizations. We can even train your instructors.

Here are some of our educational partners: