Advanced Diploma Overview



Permaculture Design is one of the most exciting new concepts for creating a sustainable future that has come around in a long time, and the 2-week Permaculture course being taught worldwide has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to do things differently.

Come and join us now in this challenging Advanced Diploma program to gain the fundamental knowledge and skills to implement the change we need in order to make sustainable living a reality. Our unique combination of courses introduces you to some of the most leading edge science in the fields of ecological and social design, and will prepare you to meet the future with confidence.

This program is for all who see the possibilities and wonder how to get there.

Upon completion of  5 core courses  and 1 elective, students earn the Gaia College Advanced Diploma in Urban Permaculture.


In order to earn this Advanced Diploma, students must also have completed the Gaia College Diploma in Organic Land Care

However, individual courses are open to anyone, regardless of whether they intend to earn the Advanced Diploma. Some courses may have their own prerequisites.



All courses are offered on a part-time access basis to allow students to continue to work while studying.

The Gaia College Advanced Diploma in Urban Permaculture fulfills the advanced education requirements for becoming a SOUL Certified Organic Land Care Professional.

Student Comment

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate still having access to class materials. It's been very useful, and a luxury compared to most post-secondary institutions. I really appreciate it! I think this should serve as real incentive for potential Gaia students, especially those that know the restrictions and inaccessibility of post-secondary course materials after graduation, because your student account is deactivated or you had to sell your texts. We get a lot for our course fee with Gaia. All the best, and keep up the good work.
Brianna van de Wijngaard